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Cost Crafts for the Financially Embarrassed The economy got bad and suddenly there were no more nights out to dinners and movies. The food budget dropped so the gourmet meals and treats are gone. Even shopping for a new, inexpensive article of clothing has been put on the back burner. Sound like your life these days? Mine too! Well, we'll get through it, don't worry. In the meantime, I'm getting bored, are you? Let'sLet's european hockey jerseys for sale getget Columbus Blue Jackets cheap nhl jerseys wholesale busy with some craft projects and we'll have some fun while finding the cure for that boredom. Say you don't have any money for craft projects? Who needs money? There are lots of different crafts you can do without running out to buy any supplies whatsoever! In the mood for a new shirt but just don't have the money? Change an old shirt intointo Predators Yellow new hockey gear a new one and it will really lift your spirits I guarantee it! A t shirt stained by grease spatters is the perfect make over nominee. Just paint it wait, that means buying shirt paints, doesn't it? Of course not! Do you have a bottle of fingernail polish? Then you've got shirt paints! Use the nail polish in a well ventilated area to make new designs on an old shirt. If you have stencils, you can use them, but if not, just draw simple freehand images. Geometric shapes, fat or skinny lines, polka dots and similar shapes are easy enough for anyone to draw. After the polish has dried for at least an hour you can launder the shirt as usual. In fact, it's recommended so that the shirt won't smell like nail polish when you wear it. Make a secret hiding place by using an old shirt. Cut a square of fabric or felt even if it's from an old garment you no longer wear and glue it to the inside back of a shirt. Hang the shirt in the back of a closet to hide documents, photos, cash and other flat items. Turn a clear jar into a secret hiding place for the kitchen, garage or other area. Glue a bathroom tissue roll toto Senators nhl replica jerseys cheap the center bottom of the jar. Pour rice, beans, nuts and bolts or other items into the jar, around the toilet paper roll, toto Rangers ccm hockey gear fill the jar to the top. Cut a round circle of cardboard, glue some of the rice or beans onto it, then position it inside the jar, on top. Screw on the lid and set the jar anywhere. To the normal eye it looks like a jar of food or other things. For you, it's a place to store jewelry, cash or other items. Lids of all types work well to make wall hangings. Peanut butter jar lids, mayonnaise jar lids even paint can lids are acceptable. Cut pictures from magazines and glue them to the lids. Connect the lids with a long ribbon or hang the lids separately. Outer edges of lids can be decorated with glitter paints, narrow lace or ribbon, or even pieces cut from an old feather boa. Stack cans in a pyramid shape to make cubby holes for the kitchen, bathroom, child's room or other area. The cans can be clean paint cans, coffee tins or other types as long as all the cans are the same size. Align three cans, side by side, and glue them together temporarily. Stack two more cans, then one more on top. Although the glue might not hold forfor Rangers Yellow nhl away jerseys a long period of time you can secure the cans for the moment, then wrap a wide ribbon, piece of felt or other cloth piece around the pyramid. These pyramids can be made even taller by adding another row across the bottom. Use them to hold stuffed animals, shoes, kitchen implements, rolled towels and more. Do you have any string,string, Nashville Predators Gold knock off hockey jerseys twine, yarn or similar materials lying around? Use it to give an object in your home a make over. Pour some paint, ink or even fingernail polish onto a disposable lid or plate. Dip the string or yarn into it and wipe off the excess. (Use gloves for this project). Now hold one end of the string while allowing the rest of it to fall randomly onto a picture frame, mirror, lampshade, hamper or other object. Remove the string, dip again if necessary, and apply the paint once again to another area of the object. Use this technique on fabrics, wood, glass, plastic and even metal.


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